Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Friday Five featuring "Failure Is Not An Option"

Five things to take into your weekend....

1.  Quote I'm Mulling Over - “Failure is not an option.” 
― Gene Krantz from the book of the same name.  These words were spoken when NASA was faced with getting the astronauts of Apollo 13 home after an on-board malfunction severely limited the spaceship's capabilities. This is a testimony to the potential of human ingenuity when faced with insurmountable odds. Imagine what you could do if you had the same attitude?

2.  Book I am reading - Failure Is Not An Option by Gene Krantz. This is a fascinating walk through the early history of space flight from the Mercury Program through the Apollo Program. Riveting stories that tell the tale of the trials and triumphs that America's space program went through to be the success it is today. It is an inspiring story of how you go for ultimate potential. A potential that often seems absolutely impossible.

3.  Song of the Week - Failure Is Not An Option by Shed Light. This is a song that truly encapsulates the attitude that you approach challenges with a no failure option.  Caution: explicit lyrics.

4.  Video of the Week - Failure is not an option. Scene from the movie Apollo 13 when Gene Krantz (played by Ed Harris) states this famous quote.

5.  Health & Fitness Tip of the Week - Well, it's really not a tip.  But, in keeping with the theme, here is a video of how they run in space.  Pretty cool...

Have a great weekend!!

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