Sunday, January 22, 2017

Your Greatest Ally, Your Greatest Enemy, Your Greatest Teacher

Who is your greatest ally, your greatest enemy and your greatest teacher? They are already known to you.  In fact, you use them all the time. But, you may not use them as described in the title of this post.  If you did, you would be probably be realizing more of your potential.  

Instead, some people are using them in ways that limit their potential, limit their experiences and ultimately limit their life.

They are not some kind of new tool or new technology.  And, they are not people.  They are not a closely held secret of the successful.

They are not money.  They are more valuable than that.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Should You Use a Clock or a Compass?

There is an ongoing and never-ending debate around time management. We spend so much time on trying to make the best use of time that the time we spend doing it may not be time well spent.  But, there is a reason for that...

Time is so valuable.  

It is probably the most valuable thing we have as humans. However, time's value will not be covered here.  You can learn about the value of time by reading Time & Money.

So, with time being considered our most valuable and limited resource, how you use it, manage it, maximize it, waste it and enjoy it has an enormous impact on your life.

There are two basic schools thought on how you should look at your time.  The Clock and the Compass.

We learn to use the Clock early in life.  We learn to stick to a schedule. School life introduces the bell as the signal that the time is over or just beginning.  It depends on your attitude.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here's the Best Way to Break A Bad Habit

It's January 5th.  Only five days into the New Year and your resolution. How you doing?

Breaking a bad habit can be tough.  If you've stuck with it this far, congratulations!  You're in the top 15% so far.  Here's the best way to keep going and break that old bad habit.

Monday, January 2, 2017

3 Proven Ideas To Help You Keep Your Resolutions

By January 15th of every year 88% of people who make New Year's Resolutions have broken them.  They find that they are unable to stick with them.  There are a lot of different reasons.

They may have tried to do too much, too soon.  They may have lacked a clear cut plan on how to achieve their goal.  They may not have had the support around them.  

Whatever the reason.  Resolutions are about making a change. And, change is never easy.  Especially if you are trying to break a habit that may have been around for ten, twenty, thirty years or even more.

When facing a particularly tough challenge or temptation, here are three proven ways that other people have used that work.  They can get you through that moment of temptation and help you continue on to achieve your goal.

1.  Don't negotiate with yourself.  This is that moment when you start to think "well one won't hurt."  It doesn't matter what the one is.  It will hurt.  You never negotiate with yourself about brushing your teeth.  There is no question.  You are going to do it.  The same attitude is necessary to keep that resolution  When you notice yourself starting to negotiate, stop yourself.  Do something outrageous to startle yourself and break the pattern. Remind yourself that it is over and you are moving on.

2.  Just get to the next meal.  This is a strategy used by a Navy Seal.  During some of the most rigorous training a human being can endure, when the temptation to quit was the highest, he simply focused on getting to the next meal.  By focusing on this short term goal he was able to get through a tough moment.  If you find yourself tempted to have that cigarette or sweet, just try holding out for a little longer.  Just get to the next meal.  Often the temptation passes and you can get through the moment.

3.  Get help.  Help does not have to be a professional.  Just start talking to someone you know.  Explain how you are trying to make this change and you are having a difficult time.  Talk it out.  More often than not, you will get the support and encouragement you need to get through it and carry on.  And, sometimes you may even get some new ideas that can help you stick with it.

Do you know someone working hard to stick with a resolution? Offer a word of encouragement.  Change can be difficult.  But, the change is usually worth it.

Share this post with them if you think it might help.  If you have any ideas on sticking with resolutions, please share them in the comments.