Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is It You or Them?

You is you.  Them is everyone else.  Them are your kids.  Them are your neighbors.  Them are your coworkers, your friends, and your spouse.

Them is everyone not you.

When you think about the successes and failures in your life, was it you or them?  When you think about the good times and the bad times, was it you or them?

Understanding the prospective of "you or them" is critical to your success, your failure and ultimately your happiness.  There is one particular concept in regards to the "you or them" question that once understood it, makes all your future "you or them" questions easy to answer.

Here it is...

Everything in your life is your fault.  No matter what.  It is your fault. Good or bad.  By what you did or did not do.

Of course there are situations that happen to you.  Bad weather, bad traffic, bad people and the like.  These are all things that you do not control. These are not your fault.  But, you have to deal with them and how you deal with them is your fault.  No excuses.

If wake up and find a foot of snow outside and you grumble about the clean up and the kids not going to school.  You set yourself up to be unhappy.  You focus on all the things that are wrong with the situation.  All the loss.  All the inconvenience.  That is your choice. And, that choice is in your control.  That choice is your fault.

The way you ended up feeling about that situation is your fault.  So if you are unhappy and miserable you only have to look in the mirror to find the guilty party.

If you have become frustrated with the lack of advancement in your profession or your earnings, ask what keeps getting in the way? The answer is you.  It is not your boss, your customers, or the economy.  It is you.

Somewhere there is someone in your profession that is succeeding at high level.  That someone may even have the same boss, customers and economy as you. What's the difference?

You are the difference.

It's not them. It's you.  They are doing something different than you. Their success is their fault.  Their choices are their fault. Their attitude and approach to life is their fault.  It is their fault just like your attitude and your approach is your fault.  They are just getting different results than you.  Maybe it's their attitude? Or, is it yours?

That same person, who is succeeding in your profession, also gets up and sees that same foot of snow that you did.  They see the snow and instead of grumbling about it, they think, I'm going to get a different workout today.  And, I'll get to play with the kids!  

Same situation.  Different attitude, different choices.  Better results.

Make better choices, get better results.  

It's up to you.  It always has been.

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