Sunday, December 4, 2016

Do You Have To or Do You Get To?

Do you work everyday because you have to?  Or, do you work everyday because you get to?  

You may think "what's the difference?"

There is a distinction between the two.  And, once you understand it, it can make a profound difference in your life.

A difference that can change your outlook on life.  A difference that can affect your happiness.

The difference is best illustrated with a story.

Sally is a middle-aged woman.  She is a Mom, a Wife and a busy executive.  Sally has a calendar crowded with things to do.  And, on her calendar every Wednesday is a lunchtime visit to see her Mom.

Sally's mom is in a nursing home.  And, every Wednesday, Sally has to leave the hustle and bustle of her office to go see her Mom. Many times it seems like an interruption.

An inconvenience.

Sally will often explain "I have to go see my Mom" as she hurriedly runs out of the office.

One day Sally received a call.  Her Mom passed away.

Sally went through all the arrangements and the funeral.  Then it was back to the hustle and bustle of her busy life.

Routine settled in and another Wednesday came.  And right around the time Sally would normally go to see her Mom.  She realized she was not going to.

She thought, "I don't get to see my Mom today."

Sally would never get to see her Mom again.  In that moment, Sally realized she wished she did get to see her again.  

She wanted to.  She didn't have to.  And, now she didn't get to either.

What are some of the things that you "have" to do?  Would they be better thought of as things you "get" to do?

Do you have to go to work?  Or, do you get to go to work?   There are many people who don't get to work at all.  They may be disabled.  Or, they can't find a job.

Do you have to take those kids all over the place for their activities?  Or, do you get to do that?  Some day those kids will be grown up and out on their own.

A shift in your prospective about these things will change how you feel about them.  

You may feel gratitude in simply realizing that you are able to do things. Some people cannot.

You may choose to cherish them.  Appreciate them.  For one day, they may not be there at all.

You may choose to see the value in them.  The value that was always there. But, you didn't see it.

You didn't see it because it was something you had to do.  You were focused on the cost of doing it instead of the benefit of doing it.

When you focus on what you get out of it.  Then you will be glad that you get to do it.

What do you get to do today?

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