My Current Favorites Playlist

1.  The Phantom of the Opera by Nightwish - the song was first made famous by the play.  It was powerful with all the theatrical effects.  In this version, Nightwish adds the edge of heavy metal.  It is not thrashy at all.  Well done.  I am sure that Andrew Lloyd Weber never intended to sound like this.  But, this is the most powerful version of this power song.

2.  Sleeping Sun by Nightwish - this is a heavy metal opera.  The graphic will take you to a video where this song was beautifully paired with a video of the Titanic.  It totally works.  My son turned me on to this when he became obsessed with the Titanic.  See the #1 Way To Become An Expert.

I am always amazed by the amount of good music that you simply never heard of.

This is some of that music.

3.  Ophelia Up by Skeet Squad - admittedly this is a bit of a plug. My Jack has played drums for years in the big band at school, several jazz bands and he is in a rock band named Sidecar.  But, this song has him programming music like a DJ.  A friend of his does the rap.  Not bad for amateurs.

4.  Any song off of Grace Vanderwaal's new album called "Perfectly Imperfect."  She won America's Got Talent.  Click the artwork to see the video that got it all started for her.  My favorites are Clay and Beautiful Thing.  Grace's favorite is Gossip Girl.

This is just a debut EP.  But, it is well done.  This is the best use of a ukulele I've heard since Jack Johnson.

5.  Atlas, Rise by Metallica - these guys are getting older but their music remains as vibrant as when they first started.  This is top five on my workout playlist.

6.  Final Meltdown by Mars Lasar - this instrumental has a big sound, majestic.  It is a very inspirational piece of music.  I am currently starting all my workouts with this.

Got an opinion on any of this music, leave me a comment.  Have any suggestions for music.  Love to hear them, leave a comment.

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