Each week I publish a post called the Friday Five. Each post features a quote, a book, a video, and a song that are all associated with a theme. This list are the songs that have been featured.

The cool factor. There is so much music out there it is virtually impossible to hear it all. When I search for music related the theme of the week I often come across songs and artists I have never heard before. Quite often, the artist and their music become part of my collection.

New music will be added with every Friday Five. Newest music will be at the top of the page.

The Friday Five featuring "Dirty Minds"Dirty Mind by Flo Rida Catchy tune. Nothing really dirty about it. But, a good listen.

The Friday Five featuring "This Naked Mind" - Drinkin' Problem by Midland. A cool country song. This video has over 30 million views. Best line in the song, "some people say I have a drinkin' problem, but I have no problem drinkin' at all."  Enjoy!

The Friday Five featuring "The Great Escape"Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song) - hey why not? It's a cool song and it fits.

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