Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Friday Five - June 30, 2017

Five things to take into your weekend....

1.  Quote I'm Mulling Over - "Nobody has control over us.  We are just painfully addicted to giving our power away." Kyle Cease.

2.  Book I am reading - I Hope I Screw This Up by Kyle Cease. Kyle is a transformational comedian (I think he made this title up since my spell check is redlining transformational). Irregardless (I know that might not be a word either but I didn't get the spellcheck red line, so I'm using it), Kyle is a comic genius who has taken his comedic skills and blended them with some personal development insights. In his book, he goes through some revelations he made in his own life by letting go of his fears and he has some tools that can allow you to do the same. He is funny and you will never read a book like this again. Well, you might. If he writes another one. Otherwise, you won't.

3.  Song of the Week - No Limit by The Scorpions. Kyle refers to much of the human condition as the limits that we place upon ourselves. This song is just the opposite. It is on my Workout Playlist and Running Playlist. It's a must have.

4.  Video of the Week -  The Limitation Game This is the promo for Kyle's road show called Evolving Out Loud.  Entertaining, funny and extremely insightful. I guess it's even transformational.

5.  Health & Fitness Tip of the Week - Power Yoga - Walk into a 90 degree room and start doing some hard stretching. Hold a few of these poses and you will get a workout. A great balance to the everyday pounding of the gym or running. It's good for the head too!

Have a great weekend!!

And, please share! 

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